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Kindle 3

Kindle 3

My Kindle is probabley the best bit of Tech that I have bought in the last year. Since I bought it I’ve read many more books than I normally do. It has cut down on the amount of luggage I take on holiday as it stores hundreds of books for a very small weight allowance. I have the Kindle 3 which I think Amazon is now calling the Kindle keyboard, it’s the Wifi only edition with a 4 GB memory. The other good thing about a Kindle is that it uses a Linux operation system as many ereaders do and therefore works well with the Linux File Manager which can then be used to copy and paste books to the Kindle. Amazon books can be emailed direct to your Kindle as long as you are within a Wifi area or to your PC for transfer later to your Kindle by USB lead. The Amazon Kindle reader app works OK when installed within Wine if you wish to use it on your Linux PC. Calibre is also a very good program to manage and convert books from one format to another, it can transfer books via the USB lead or email them direct to your Kindle. Calibre is in some Linux repositories but for the most up to date version it is better to instal it from their site at

If you want an internet site to keep up with the latest books, track the books you are reading, have to read or want to read check out Goodreads

For a site that will email you a list of Amazon books that are currently being offered free by Amazon try the ereaderriq site at