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Martin Cooper

I’m Martin, I’ve been using computers at home and work for many years now, starting with the ZX81 and going onto use a C64 before using various Windows Pc’s running Win3 upto and including Vista. It was the thought of upgrading to Vista which made me try out Linux. Vista was a version of Windows I did not want, and having used it for a short while because it came pre installed on my latest laptop, still don’t .

Some years ago I did try out Red Hat but soon returned to Windows for all the usual reasons, however it got me started on using open source software.

I converted slowly to Open Office, Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Gimp and JAlbum. The next step was to have another go at Linux and after all the hype Ubuntu received in September 2007 I downloaded the Feisty Fawn v7.04 .iso from their website and loaded it onto my old spare PC. I duel booted Ubuntu and Vista on my laptop but found I used it very rarely and finally removed all trace of Windows shortly after.

Converting to Ubuntu was the best move I have made and will never now go back to Windows, however I continue to try out other Linux distros.


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